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How Long Does It Take for Children to Recover from a Frenectomy?

October 21, 2023

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Learning that your child needs surgery can be scary. The good news is that if they need a frenectomy to treat lip or tongue tie, you can expect a relatively short and easy healing process. But just how long does it take for children to recover from a frenectomy, and what can you do to help them heal properly? This blog post provides some useful information.

Recovery Timeline

Infants should be able to breastfeed right away after their procedure. They might be extra fussy for a few days, but within a few weeks, you should notice that their surgical site is almost completely healed.

If your child is a bit older, you will need to limit their snack choices for a few days; you do not want them to eat anything hard, crunchy, or extremely hot. Most children are back to feeling completely normal within just a couple of weeks.

Help Your Child to Heal

Here are some things you can do to minimize your little one’s discomfort and facilitate proper healing at their surgical site:

  • Give lots of cuddles. Skin to skin contact can act as a natural painkiller for infants, so it may be good to arrange your schedule to include lots of snuggle time.
  • Provide appropriate doses of pain medication. If your child is in a lot of pain, ask the dentist who performed the frenectomy what kind of pain relievers you should give them and in what dosage.
  • Use cold temperatures to reduce swelling. A sugar-free popsicle or an ice cube can be used to help reduce swelling in children during the first 24 hours after their appointment.
  • Keep an eye on the surgical site. Infections after a frenectomy are rare, but you should still monitor the surgical site for any signs of problems.
  • Pay attention to oral hygiene. Your child’s mouth should be kept clean, so be sure you help them carry out age-appropriate oral hygiene tasks.

Prevent Reattachment

Your child’s mouth might try to heal the way it was before the surgery — which you do not want to happen. Your dentist should provide you with a list of exercises that can help to prevent your child’s body from undoing the results of their frenectomy.

For example, if you have an infant, you may need to run your finger under their tongue or behind their lips, as well as gently lift their tongue. Children should be able to perform exercises on their own, but they may need frequent reminders to comply with their dentist’s instructions.

For most children, bouncing back from a frenectomy does not take long at all! Be sure to follow post-op instructions so your little one can enjoy a smooth recovery.

Meet the Practice

Dr. Maggie Davis is an experienced pediatric dentist who has treated hundreds of cases of lip and tongue tie using advanced laser technology. If your little one needs a frenectomy, or you have questions about what to expect from the procedure, Dr. Davis and our team would be happy to speak with you. Contact the Florida Tongue Tie Institute at 727-786-7551.

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