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Smiling mother holding child in lap during consultation at Florida Tongue Tie Institute

Florida Tongue Tie Institute

Providing Relief for
You & Your Baby or Child

Lip and tongue-ties are certainly frustrating, but you don’t have to navigate it on your own. We truly enjoying helping parents find solutions for their children with our team approach. Using our years of experience, we will help diagnose, treat, and refer within our network of specialists who can help you achieve the results you want for your little one!

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Qualified Laser

Dr. Maggie uses state-of-the-art laser technology to ensure precision and maximize comfort. Your loved one deserves nothing less! Learn More
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Woman to Woman

Our all-women team understands the struggles mothers are going through, and we work hard to create a warm, welcoming experience. Learn More
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Private Nursing & Post
Op Room

With a convenient on-site nursing room, mothers and children can have plenty of privacy following the treatment process without delay. Learn More

Lip & Tongue-Tie Relief for Tampa Bay

Loving Care from a
Mother Like You

With three energetic boys of her own, Dr. Maggie understands how challenging managing your family’s needs can be on a daily basis and that’s before a fussy, unhappy child is thrown into the mix. Thankfully, relief is closer than you think! Dr. Maggie has been certified in infant/pediatric laser tongue and lip tie treatment by the American Board of Laser Surgery. This is a quick and safe procedure that can eliminate those troubling bits of tissue for good and help your little one get back on the right track. Her style is geared toward honest professional opinion and a gentle touch, for child and parent alike.

Meet Dr. Maggie Davis

Florida lip and tongue tie specialist Maggie Davis and her family Dr. Davis With Her Family
Laser lip and tongue tie treatment system

Safe Laser Treatment — No Scalpels!

Less Discomfort &
Faster Recovery Time

Many parents are understandably a little concerned at first when they hear that we use lasers, but LightScalpel technology helps us make lip/tongue-tie treatment a true breeze while also prioritizing your child’s safety and comfort! The Co2 laser is minimally invasive and instantly seals the oral tissue to keep any bleeding or swelling to an absolute minimum. As a result, our little patients heal faster and bounce back in record time. All in all, the entire procedure takes mere minutes to complete.

Learn More About LightScalpel

What Others Are Saying

"Dr. Davis came recommended by my lactation consultant for correction of my babies tongue tie. My husband and I were very impressed by the amount of time she spent with us engaging our many questions and preparing us for what to expect. She is so sweet and made us feel very comfortable with the decision to proceed with the procedure. The entire office staff was friendly and helpful. We couldn’t be happier with our experience.”

Lauren F., Palm Harbor, FL

"Dr. Maggie and her staff are outstanding! We brought our newborn in at 4 weeks for upper lip and tongue tie. Dr. Maggie was patient, caring, and very educated on the matter. As first-time parents, we were scared of course but now that it's done we would be very comfortable and confident in recommending Dr. Maggie and her staff. We can not thank them enough and look forward to many years of dental cleanings for a boy!”

Nick A., Palm Harbor, FL

"Our son had a stage 4 tongue tie and I’m so relieved we came here. It’s such a beautiful office and everyone is informative with a smile. As new parents, we felt completely comfortable and trusting at Maggie’s office. The procedure was quick and our son was so much happier instantly. Thank you for helping us!"

Vivian G., Palm Harbor, FL
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Amazing Lip & Tongue-Tie

After the procedure, most children will:
Mother and nursing baby

Eat Better

Successful lip/tongue-tie treatment makes nursing more comfortable for babies and less painful for mothers.
Baby sleeping with a smile

Sleep Better

Studies have found that treated children tend to snore less, exhibit fewer movements, and even feel more refreshed in the morning.
Two babies smiling together as their mothers smile

Speak Better

Successful lip/tongue-tie treatment makes nursing more comfortable for babies and less painful for mothers.
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Quick Facts About Lip & Tongue-Ties

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So many people aren’t actually clear on the warning signs for lip/tongue-ties and what they should be paying attention to, especially new parents. Here’s some important information we’d like for you to know!

Common Symptoms for Moms

  • Pain with breastfeeding
  • Nipple damage or distortion
  • Insufficient milk supply
  • Mastitis or blocked ducts

Common Symptoms for Babies

  • Poor weight gain
  • Clicking when breastfeeding
  • Excessive fussiness
  • Early termination of feeding

Common Misdiagnoses

  • Acid reflux or digestive issues
  • Colic
  • Sleep apnea / lack of sleep
  • Nasal congestion or allergies

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Budget-Friendly Financing

Affordable Lip & Tongue-Tie Treatment

If you’re concerned about covering the cost of this vital care, don’t hesitate to let our Palm Harbor team know! We’re experts at working closely with families to help them figure out the best ways to keep payment smooth and stress-free. For instance, CareCredit financing can spread what you owe over several months, all with little to NO interest attached for maximum convenience.

Explore Your Financial Options

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