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Lip & Tongue-Tie Treatment – Palm Harbor, FL

How We Treat Lip & Tongue-Tie


Recent developments have made treating lip and tongue-ties easier than ever before. In many cases, Dr. Maggie can examine a child, diagnose them, and then fix the problem all at the same appointment! Thanks to her methods and use of the latest technology, both child and parents can easily stay comfortable throughout the treatment process and enjoy a result that will last a lifetime. To learn more about how the frenectomy process works at our dental office, read on below. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, be sure to give us a call for lip and tongue-tie treatment in Palm Harbor, FL.

Why Choose Florida Tongue Tie Institute for Lip & Tongue-Tie?

  • Pediatric Dentist with Over a Decade of Experience
  • All Female Staff (Doctor is a Mother of 3)
  • Certified by the American Board of Laser Surgery

The Frenectomy Process

Mother holding sleeping baby after frenectomy treatment

A frenectomy is a minor surgical procedure in which the tissue that is holding the lip or tongue is removed and loosened so a child’s mouth is able to function properly. Afterward, many children are able to instantly adapt and thrive, while others may require myofunctional therapy to relearn how to use their tongue and lips in a new way. In the long term, this procedure leads to better health, easier feeding, and a more comfortable day-to-day life for the child.

Traditional Frenectomy

Medical tools in gloved hands

A traditional frenectomy is still used in many places, and while partially effective, it’s not exactly pleasant. It involves numbing the mouth and then cutting the offending frenulum using surgical scissors. Not only does this process take more time and is less precise, it often causes more bleeding as compared to a laser. Additionally, the scissor technique often misses a posterior tongue tie and your child may need a revision later. Click below to learn more important terms!

Lip & Tongue-Tie Glossary

CO2 Laser Frenectomy

Light scalpel laser frenectomy tool

With a laser frenectomy, the excess oral tissue is removed using a highly concentrated beam of light. This approach has several advantages. First, laser treatment is extremely gentle. As it works, it cauterizes blood vessels and nerve endings, reducing bleeding, discomfort, and swelling. Second, most infants don’t need a local anesthetic and most young children will require very small amounts of local anesthetic (numbing medication).

Additionally, a laser allows Dr. Maggie to be extremely precise and remove the smallest amount of tissue necessary to create the desired result. This shortens procedure time and limits unnecessary inflammation of adjacent oral tissue.

A laser also allows Dr. Maggie to be extremely precise and remove the smallest amount of tissue necessary to create a positive result. This not only shortens the procedure itself, but it also makes it more comfortable.

Advanced Technology for
Precision Care

The light scalpel system

At Florida Tongue Tie Institute, we’re proud to use the LightScalpel, a type of CO2 laser that allows Dr. Maggie to be extremely accurate and consistent while still using a light touch that all parents can appreciate. It allows her to easily work in little mouths and leave any nearby tissue completely untouched so that a child can recover quickly and easily after the procedure. The frenectomy itself usually only takes a few seconds, making it simple for even the busiest parent to get the care their child needs.