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Florida Tongue Tie Institute Blog

The Relationship Between Tongue-Tie and Colic

July 6, 2023

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Woman breastfeeding baby

Do you often find your infant upset and fussy without knowing why? It can be difficult to determine the cause of your baby’s discomfort. Colic can be one of the most stressful parts of caring for a new addition to the family. A condition that could be causing infant colic is tongue-tie. Continue reading to learn more about tongue-tie as well as its connection to colic.


3 Questions to Ask Before Seeking a Lip or Tongue-Tie Revision

June 15, 2023

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child with a tongue tie

It may not always be easy to know whether your child’s lip or tongue-tie is posing a serious problem, but it’s also possible that some situations may not be serious enough to warrant a procedure. The only way to know for sure is to schedule an appointment with your child’s dentist to find out more. Before this meeting, though, you’ll want to make sure that you come equipped to learn, so here are three questions to ask before considering a lip or tongue-tie revision.


Eating Solid Foods: How a Tongue Tie Can Interfere with This Transition

May 10, 2023

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baby eating baby food

After months of feeding your infant with a bottle, the time has come to introduce other foods to their diet. You look forward to seeing the funny faces they make as they try new tastes, but to your surprise, your baby isn’t taking to solid foods the way you thought. When they eat easily dissolved puff treats or foods that haven’t been mashed enough, they gag. Why aren’t they eating properly?

One possibility is that your baby has a tongue tie, or a thick piece of tissue that connects the tongue to the lower jaw. How can this tiny tissue, called a frenulum, cause so much trouble? Keep reading to learn more!


Can I Wait to See If My Child’s Lip or Tongue Tie Will Go Away?

April 11, 2023

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child with a tongue tie

Once you realize that your child has a lip or tongue tie, you may wonder if it’s entirely necessary to see a specialist. While it does appear to make things harder such as nursing and bottle feeding, and the fussiness and late-night attempts to feed can be exhausting, you think it may just be a phase that they’ll eventually grow out of. But what if that isn’t the case at all? Will a lip or tongue tie go away on its own? A local specialist is here with the answer.


The Secret to Getting a Proper Breastfeeding Latch

March 3, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — floridatongue @ 6:14 am
a closeup of child breastfeeding

People often falsely believe that babies are born knowing how to do several things, including breastfeeding properly; however, it often takes a good bit of time and effort for infants to grasp this concept. But as a mother, it’s up to you to carefully guide them and ensure that they latch on correctly. Here’s more from your pediatric dentist about how to go about creating a proper breastfeeding latch, along with some signs that your baby might not be latching properly.


Could Your Child Benefit from Orofacial Myology Therapy?

February 14, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — floridatongue @ 1:58 pm
Portrait of smiling little girl in yellow top

In discussions about children’s oral health, we often hear about things like cavities and gum disease. Those problems are certainly worthy of attention. However, an aspect of oral health that often gets overlooked has to do with how the orofacial structures, such as the tongue and lips, function. When they are not in proper working order, serious problems can result. Fortunately, orofacial myology therapy can help. Could your child benefit from orofacial myology therapy? This blog post can help you discern the answer to that important question.


Traditional vs. Laser Frenectomy: Which One is Best?

January 6, 2023

Filed under: Uncategorized — floridatongue @ 4:24 am
a dental laser

Does your child have a lip or tongue-tie? Are you concerned they may struggle as a result? This is common among parents who are unsure of how to address this kind of problem. Fortunately, there is a clear answer – a frenectomy. Of course, what you may not realize is there are two types: those performed the traditional way with scalpels and sutures and those that rely on dental lasers. If you want to know what the difference is between a traditional and laser frenectomy, read on.


Here’s How Breastfeeding Can Affect Your Child’s Oral Health

December 2, 2022

Filed under: Uncategorized — floridatongue @ 6:17 pm
Portrait of a breastfeeding mother

The health benefits of breastfeeding are touted often, but the particular ways in which nursing can benefit your infant’s oral health don’t get talked about often enough. There are also some oral health problems that might make it harder to breastfeed. If you want to understand the many ways that nursing can relate to your child’s oral health, here are a few facts that might be helpful to know.


Frenectomy or Frenotomy: Is There an Important Difference?

November 4, 2022

Filed under: Uncategorized — floridatongue @ 5:27 pm
happy baby after getting a frenectomy or frenotomy

Perhaps your baby is failing to latch and breastfeed properly. Maybe you’re tired of your nipples hurting while you nurse. In your online research, you’ve discovered that a possible underlying cause of your struggles could be a tongue tie, or an abnormally thick or tight piece of tissue called a frenulum beneath your baby’s tongue. You’ve also found there are two procedures that could be performed: a frenectomy or a frenotomy. What’s the difference between these treatments? Keep reading to learn more!


How Untreated Lip Ties Affect Toddlers

October 6, 2022

Filed under: Uncategorized — floridatongue @ 2:57 pm
child refusing food because lip ties affect toddlers

Nursing hasn’t been easy for your and your little one. Perhaps you’ve even seen a lactation consultant or talk to your pediatrician for guidance. They tell you that your baby, who is now becoming a toddler, may have a lip tie but don’t elaborate very much. You naturally have questions about exactly what a lip tie is, how it affects your toddler, and how the problem can be fixed. In this post, you can get the answers you seek and know what to do moving forward.

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